Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One-Rear Camera

Amazon is giving consumers 72 hours to decide if they want an HTC One or Galaxy S4 for dirt cheap. If you're a Sprint customer, or plan on being one, the online retailer has put up both flagship devices for $0.01 and $49.99, respectively, with an array of color options, too.

Of course, a two-year contract is required to take advantage of the deal, but you are getting two of this year's best Android handsets to choose between at very little cost—as if either needed a price reduction to sound enticing. The HTC One is being offered in silver, black and red, while buyers can choose between black, white and purple for the Galaxy S4. If Sprint is acceptable in your area, this might just be the deal of all deals this year, especially if you're not too keen on Apple's new iPhone releases.


Samsung Galaxy S4

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