Pan Am TV show

Amazon may be joining the ranks of Netflix and Hulu as rumors circulate that the company is in talks to save ABC’s canceled drama series, Pan Am.

Hulu is in the process of launching more original content, and Netflix has been going around discussing saving canceled series from Terra Nova to The River, and now it appears it’s Amazon’s turn.  Deadline is reporting that Amazon has approached Sony Pictures TV about picking up the recently canceled series.

Pan Am ran for only 14 episodes this past season, and received its official cancelation order just a few weeks ago.  Ironically enough the series ended up winning awards in Europe for best new drama series after it had already left the air in the United States.  All of the episodes that aired are currently available for viewing on Amazon, so the retailer would have some insight into potential interest, but this is the first anything has been mentioned about the company potentially picking up an existing series.

Amazon recently announced that it would be getting into original comedies and children’s programming through its Amazon Studios brand, but dramas tend to be more difficult to develop.  Should it be successful in picking up Pan Am, it would act as a quick and easy way for the roster of programming to be filled out.

None of the involved parties are commenting on the rumors at this time.

[via Deadline]