Tired of Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and the myriad other cloud services out there? Why not use Amazon’s Cloud Drive? It’s finally available for iOS.

The online emporium has offered Cloud Drive for a while now, but for whatever reason just never got around to releasing a mobile app for Apple’s platform. That meant users were required to access the service from the Web or through desktop apps, which isn’t always the most convenient method available. However, now that an app has been released, iOS users can manage their storage on the go.

There appears to be some platform-specific features depending on where your allegiance lies. The iOS app, for example, allows users to preview spreadsheets and presentations, while Android users can sort content by name or date.

Beyond that, users on both platforms can view, share or link to supported files; you can also stream media, such as music and videos. It doesn’t appear as if users can upload files using the Cloud Drive mobile app. For now, this is just a read-only affair, which is a disappointment for those looking for somewhere to store their photos (you’ll need to download Amazon’s separate app for that).

Cloud Drive is available as a free download, though users need to pay for storage. 5GB (with unlimited photo space) is $11.99 per year, or free if you have Amazon Prime, while unlimited storage is $59.99 per year.