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Amazon's Kindle Fire has been a huge success since it went on sale earlier this year, but some early adopters have run into a few issues with the online retail giant's debut tablet.

Despite its four-star rating, a lot of the customer reviews posted on the Kindle Fire's product listing on Amazon's website is littered with complaints about performance and user interface issues. Fortunately for those of you who have already purchased the device, an update to address these bugs is on the way.

Within the next two weeks, Amazon will issue a software update for the Kindle Fire, according to a company spokesperson speaking to The New York Times, which it hopes will address many of the software issues that users are currently suffering.

Not only is this good news for U.S. users, but it's also promising for those of us outside of the United States who are hoping to get our hands on the device next year. The 7-inch Kindle Fire will reportedly launch in the U.K. and other territories in early 2012, and it looks like many of its software issues will have already been addressed by then.

As for its hardware issues, however, we'll just have to live with those. Some users have complained about the Kindle Fire's on/off switch, which seems to be poorly placed, making it easy to turn off the device accidentally. Its lack of external volume controls have also been a problem for some.

Unfortunately, these are things that can't be easily fixed with software updates, and they'll have to wait until future revisions of the tablet itself. But don't let these things put you off. On the whole, user reviews on Amazon's website have been very positive, and many are pleased with the experience the device offers for just $199.

What do you think of the Kindle Fire so far? Are you pleased a software update is on its way?

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