You may soon see a huge Amazon truck barreling down the highway next to you. The company recently purchased an entire fleet of semi trucks  – thousands in total according to The Wall Street Journal – that it will use to deliver goods to Amazon customers.

The news outlet suggests that Amazon’s goal isn’t just to get goods to people quicker, though the trucks will no doubt help with that, and that they’ll also serve as a marketing effort. “Oh, hunny, there goes one of those new Amazon trucks,” you might say. “That reminds me, we should finish our Christmas shopping on Amazon tonight.” It also might be part of what was recently revealed as Amazon’s top secret “Aerosmith” project.

That project, according to a report from Motherboard, is Amazon’s attempt to create its own shipping business that will compete with FedEx, DHL and other shippers. It already includes four commercial airplanes, according to the report.

Perhaps the trucks are a deeper trial into how well it can manage delivering goods compared to FedEx and other shipment services, particularly during the busy shopping season.

UPDATE: To be clear, Amazon purchased only the trailers and will use third-party companies for the actual truck cabs and drivers. The original source report did not make clear there was a distinction.