Amazon introduced a new service called "Audible Channels" on Tuesday that's free for Amazon Prime members or $4.95/month, $59.40/year for non-Prime members.

Audible channels provides access to spoken word content, such as "distinctive comedy, lectures, and audio editions of standout articles" from outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business Review. Subscribers also get access to more than 50 rotating audiobooks. There's even original content, which sounds like premium podcasts that are only available to subscribers. Here's a taste of what that will offer:

  • Get Smart, in which Audible editors scour the world to unearth uncommon knowledge that will make you the most interesting person you know
  • Punchlines, your front-row seat to comedy clubs across America (without the two-drink minimum)
  • Science This, in which Audible editors uncover the accessible and fascinating science that connects you to your universe
  • Impact, your source of insights, commentary and reporting to give perspective, meaning and context to the news

It's a pretty solid offering considering it's all free for Amazon Prime members. I'll certainly give it a try during my next commute.