Amazon Prime Day has become a sort of holiday of its own each year. It's the single day that Amazon offers its Prime members huge discounts on all sorts of products, ranging from TVs to clothing, so long as they're in stock.

That's where things get a bit tricky. If you want to save on goods, you really need to be paying attention to the flash sales, because sometimes there isn't enough stock to go around. Last year, for example, I remember some particularly compelling items like TVs going out of stock within seconds of hitting the flash sale. There will be more than 100,000 deals in total on July 12, with deals running every 5 minutes at some points during the day, so there should be something for everyone. And it's usually a good time to buy Amazon goods, if I'm not mistaken.

Amazon said this year is set to be its biggest Prime Day ever, so mark your calendars for July 12 now. The sale kicks off at midnight Pacific.