Amazon and you're donePress invites on Thursday went out for a mysterious Amazon event being held in California. New Kindle Fire(s)? Smartphones? The rumors have certainly suggested as much over the past several months. Of course, rumors suggest a lot of things that don’t always turn out to be true, but we’re still anticipating the announcement with bated breath.

It’s almost a sure thing we’ll see an answer to Google’s Nexus 7, but what about something that is similar in size to the iPad? Will Apple’s alleged iPad Mini steal away Amazon’s thunder this holiday season? How does Microsoft’s Surface for Windows RT fit into the mix?

There are a lot of questions we won’t know the answers to until later this year. September is gearing up to be a huge month for the tech industry (much like June was over the summer), and you can bet Amazon will come out swinging at its Sept. 6 event in California.

What do you want to see from the online retailer next month? Does it not matter with the Nexus 7 already out?

[via TheVerge]