Amazon is preparing to launch four to five Kindle Fire SKUs this year, likely in addition to a possible smartphone, a Staples executive said recently. Speaking with Reuters, Staples exec Demos Parneros said Amazon will launch its highly rumored 10-inch model sometime this year in addition to other new tablets.

We imagine there will be two flavors of the 10-inch tablet, possibly a 16GB and a 32GB model and likely with a quad-core processor from NVIDIA, as well as two SKUs for the new 7-inch Kindle Fire 2. The fifth SKU could be Amazon's new smartphone, although details around that device are still hazy.

The original Kindle Fire shook up the tablet market with its 7-inch screen size and affordable $199 price tag. It allegedly already has a controlling 54.4% share of the U.S. Android tablet market. As a result, Google recently launched its Nexus 7 tablet for $200 and Apple is allegedly planning an iPad mini to compete in the same market.

We still don't know when Amazon's new tablet will launch, although we suspect the company will announce the new device (or devices) in the coming months so that they are on store shelves and on consumer's minds ahead of this year's holiday season.

[via Reuters]