Amazon may introduce a "Prime Data" service for its rumored smartphone, according to a report published on Friday. So far, we've seen a few leaked pictures of Amazon's smartphone, and it will apparently offer a 3D display will allow for gestured-based interactions thanks to several camera sensors outfitted around the body. The new "Prime Data"  plan will reportedly offer just one more incentive to pick up Amazon's smartphone over a competitor's.

Today's report, from BGR, suggests that the phone will first launch on AT&T as an exclusive. The "Prime Data" plan may offer some sort of discount off of the monthly data costs offered by AT&T, though that's just speculation on our end. The rumor does line up with earlier reports that suggested Amazon's smartphone will only be available to Amazon Prime subscribers, however. Right now, it sounds like it's turning out to be a mass consumer device, instead of one aimed at tech-heads who want the latest and greatest specs inside of their smartphone.

BGR says it only has information on the name "Prime Data" right now, but it's not quite sure what sort of offer it will ultimately provide. "We don't comment on rumors or speculation," AT&T told TechnoBuffalo when reached for comment. An Amazon spokesperson was not immediately available.