Starting today, Amazon is offering a $25 Amazon Appstore credit to anyone who purchases a Verizon Android device from the site. The promotion will last for a week, and only applies to Verizon Android devices – including the HTC ThunderBolt and Motorola Xoom.

Amazon sells Android phones from a variety of different carriers on its site. The Amazon Android Appstore just launched last month. The promotion is likely get new Android owners used to making their app purchases from Amazon on their new devices, hopefully enticing them to continue to make those purchases through Amazon even after the $25 credit runs out.

The Amazon Appstore currently has 7,500 applications available, a considerable jump from the mere 3,800 the store launched with in March.

Have any of you purchased Android applications from Amazon? Would you consider buying an Android device from Amazon rather than directly from Verizon in order to score the credit?

[via AllThingsD]