You might be buying a new TV when all the Black Friday deals drop in a few days. Why not get some handyman services to go along with it? Amazon is now promoting installation services with the gaggle of TV sales set to hit the site later this week (some deals are already live). The promotion is part of Amazon's Local Services initiative, which aims to pair customers up with businesses in your area.

According to a report from Reuters earlier this year, the online emporium's new project could encompass anything from babysitters to handymen to birthday clowns. Just about anything Amazon can't offer in its store, it's looking to create a marketplace where customers can easily enlist the service of local providers. In this case, you can easily find someone to help wall-mount your TV which, let's face it, you probably shouldn't leave up to dad.

Right now, Amazon is promoting the service provider listings in nine states, so it hasn't quite rolled out to everyone just yet. According to Amazon's landing page, in-home services cover a wide range of categories, including air duct cleaning, ceiling fan installation and, worryingly, game console setup. I sincerely hope you know how to setup your new PlayStation 4. Stuff like power washing, printer setup and patio heater assembly are also listed. There are also a number of in-store service options.

One great thing about Amazon's new promotion is a "Happiness Guarantee;" if you don't like the work of the service that was provided, you can take that up with Amazon, not the local business. Amazon will display information such as names, price quotes and reviews (including Yelp data), giving you a comprehensive idea of what others think about the local service provider.

If you live in areas like Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle and New York City, you can start taking advantage of Amazon's new Local Services program now.