Android Wear is definitely starting to grow on me. I’ve become more and more accustomed to sending text messages right from my wrist and, with new app updates, it’s slowly growing more powerful. Today is yet another example of its progression: Amazon updated its Android app with new functionality that will allow you to order goods right from your wrist.

Once you have the Amazon app installed on your Android smartphone, you’ll be able to pull it up right on your Android Wear device to search for products to then buy them or add them directly to your Wish List. Simply state: “Start Amazon” to launch the app. It worked well when we quickly searched for “hiking boots,” and then allowed us to swipe right to save it directly to a Wish List or to open the app on our phone. If you have one-click purchases enabled, you should be able to buy it directly from your watch, too.

It’s a fascinating concept, but I personally prefer shopping through multiple items on a larger screen, like on my phone. If you know you need to order milk, however, you can now do that much quicker than ever before. You should find the update in the Google Play Store now.