Amazon has launched a new delivery service for Prime subscribers living in London that allows them to get food from local restaurants delivered to their door. Aptly named Amazon Restaurants, the service is free on orders over £15 (approx. $20).

Of course, you will need a Prime membership priced at £79 (approx. $106) per year to take advantage of this service, so it's not strictly free. But if you're already a Prime subscriber, you won't pay any extra to get restaurant food delivered.

Amazon promises it won't markup menu prices or charge hidden service fees, and if customers find a menu item that is priced higher than the regularly-priced item on the restaurants online menu within 24 hours, it will refund the difference.

"London offers some of the best cuisine from around the world, so we're delighted that Amazon Prime customers can now enjoy food from their favourite restaurants via Amazon's ultra-fast Prime Now service," said Al Wilkinson, U.K. Head of Amazon Restaurants.

"Based on our own research into what is important to consumers in food delivery, our team have hand-picked a selection of the best quality local restaurants in London. We're excited to be helping many of these small businesses start offering home delivery for the very first time."

Amazon Restaurants is going head-to-head with other food delivery services in the U.K. like Deliveroo and UberEats from Uber. Its big advantage is that it's free if you're a Prime subscriber, while competing services charge a fee.

Amazon Restaurants first made its debut in Seattle last September, and has since expanded its reach to other major cities throughout the U.S. This is the first time the service has been available in another country.