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Amazon announced two new subscription options for customers on Monday. They’re both complete rip-offs that you shouldn’t pay for.

The first, an $8.99 monthly subscription to Amazon Prime video, is a clear attack on Netflix. Here’s why it’s a ripoff. With a normal $99 annual subscription you’ll get access to Prime Video in addition to free 2-day shipping, access to Amazon Prime Music and several other benefits. I’ve always found the $99 is well worth the cost, especially now that I order everything from new cowboy boots to paper towels from the online retailer. But with the new option, you’re paying about $108 a year for access to just streaming movie content and nothing else. Sure, pay for a month and binge watch as much as you can, but there’s no way you want to pay for a full year of this service.

The other option Amazon announced today is the ability to pay for full-service Prime for $10.99 a month. Again, this is a huge rip-off. At that rate, you’re paying $132 a year for all of the options that you could buy for just $99 in one fell swoop.

As we noted in our original news article, the only reason that the monthly Prime subscription might make sense is for folks who only want it for a month or two and then plan to cancel the service. But, as a Prime subscriber, I can almost guarantee (and I bet Amazon knows this, too) that you’re going to really like Prime. You’ll end up paying either $132 for the entire year or, at the very best, coughing up that first $10.99 fee and then another $99 to get the annual subscription. I’m willing to bet very few people don’t actually like the full Amazon Prime service.

Both options, while attractive on the surface, are rip-offs. Skip the monthly fees entirely and either get Prime for $99 a year or not at all.