kindle-fire-hd-both-modelsAmazon’s trio of new Kindle Fires are cheeeeeap. Like, your bank account won’t even notice after purchasing one of the upcoming models. But, unfortunately, such low price points are coming with a slight caveat — it may even turn some potential buyers away.

What Amazon failed to share during Thursday’s event is the fact that all of the new Fires include the company’s familiar Special Offers ads. That means no matter which model you purchase, Amazon will bombard your eyeballs with advertisements whether you like it or not, no opting out. One Amazon spokesperson even confirmed to CNET that “there will be no way to buy out of the Special Offers ads.”

It’s an unfortunate asterisk for what is an excellent tablet lineup. Consumers will likely be unfazed by the forced ads, but it does make someone’s tablet a bit less personal; many people like to adorn lockscreens with family pictures, etc. That begs the question: How long do you spend looking at a lockscreen anyway?

[via CNET]