It took, what, only a few minutes before the NES Classic Edition sold out through Amazon? I don’t know exactly how long before stock was unavailable, but it didn’t take long. Several of us here at Promptly at 2 p.m. PDT, several TechnoBuffalo staffers flooded the NES Classic Edition’s listing on Amazon but we all came up empty-handed.

Then, Amazon Tweeted this:

For a lot of people, Amazon’s listing of the NES Classic Edition was just a white error page. Others are saying they added the console to their car and still ended up without one. Here in the office, I tried adding it to my cart, but every time I did, it said my car was empty.

There’s a lot of anger being directed at Amazon due to how the launch was handled:

And it goes on and on, ad infinitum. Amazon’s mobile app even showed a “One-Click Buy” option but that turned up errors as well.

It’s unclear how many units Amazon had in stock but judging by the backlash following Amazon’s Tweet above, there probably weren’t many.

The online giant warned people that stock would be low. That doesn’t make coming up short any less of a bummer. Hopefully, it won’t take long for stock to come back, but chances are consumers won’t be able to find one until after the New Year.

I’d keep trying your local big box stores if you want any hope of picking up the NES Classic. However, I know all too well that that isn’t always a safe bet either.

Did you have any luck going through Amazon this afternoon?