Amazon and you're done

Amazon is the latest company rumored to be prepping a streaming music service. According to The Verge, the online retailer has held informal inquires with record labels about a subscription-based service similar to Spotify. With Google and Apple allegedly working on their own services, it sounds like Amazon didn't want to be excluded from the party.

With Spotify essentially becoming the model service, three separate services from some of technology's biggest names will surely crowd the market. Each has a big enough music store, but it'll be how the companies differentiate that's the deciding factor over adoption; the companies can't just count on brand loyalty, and Spotify said it already has 24 million active users worldwide.

With such an enormous online presence, and a reputation that's ubiquitous with the Internet world, Amazon is no stranger to services. The infrastructure is certainly there; the hard part will be coming up with something that'll stand out from the crowd.