Amazon MP3 tablet

Amazon on Tuesday released a new version of its Amazon MP3 Android application that's optimized for Android tablets. Amazon MP3 version 2.4.0 also features more prominent shuffle and play-all buttons, a new color scheme and support for accessing the music player controls on the lock screen of Ice Cream Sandwich handsets. U.S. users will also notice that Amazon has added personalized recommendations to its music store.

We just installed Amazon MP3 on our DROID XYBOARD 8.2 tablet and we really like the darker user interface and layout so far. Amazon definitely could have spiced up the application with a bit more color by increasing the size of the album art, though, but keeping the thumbnails small also means we were able to view more tracks on a single page without scrolling. Overall, it's a much improved update for any tablet owner who frequently accesses Amazon's MP3 store or cloud services.

[via The Verge]