Buying large quantities of dog food for the pooch? Need 10,000 diapers for the baby? Amazon announced on Thursday that it has updated its iOS and Android applications with a new “Subscribe and Save” feature that allows customers to automatically subscribe for product shipments. That means you can set the application to automatically purchase and ship new items each month.

Amazon promises that any subscription payment will receive discounts on top of Amazon’s existing price, free shipping and that customers will only pay once the products have shipped. There’s also the option to cancel whenever you like. Amazon Mom members (we didn’t even know that existed) will automatically save up to 20 percent on select diapers and wipes, too. Product categories aren’t just limited to household items, however. The app provides subscription options for personal care, beauty, pet food, office supplies, home improvement stores, grocery items and more.

The update is free and is available from the Amazon Appstore, Google Play or iTunes.

That reminds me, I’m fresh out of eggs.

[via Amazon]