Kindle Fire 10-inch screen

Rumor has it that Amazon wants a larger piece of the tablet market, and it may launch three new tablets this year to try to accomplish that.

According to Taiwan Economic News, Amazon is looking to launch three new tablets this year ranging from low to high-end models.  The report says that the three models will consist of a low-end 7-inch model with a resolution of 1024×600, a medium-end 7-inch version with resolution of 1280×800 and an 8.9-inch version with resolution of 1920×1200.

Amazon did capture around 14 percent of the tablet market in the fourth quarter, its first three months of release.  With three models covering a range of consumer wants, one has to wonder what the company could increase that percentage to.  While they may not be as cool to own as in iPad in a lot of people's minds, the original Kindle Fire obviously met the needs of some consumers, so three options, in theory, should triple their chances.  Does Apple have something to actually fear now in the tablet market?

[via Taiwan Economic News]