Kindle Touch In Hand

According to reports, the regular old Kindle from Amazon is going to be getting a splash of color this year.

It seems that Amazon may finally be ready to launch color e-ink technology in the second half of this year.  According to industry sources speaking with DigiTimes, the e-commerce giant has placed orders for components that will begin being delivered this month for a color version of its popular Kindle line of e-readers. E Ink Holdings, the company behind the technology found in the majority of e-readers, has been working on a color version of the displays for some time now, but it would seem Amazon feels it is now ready for the masses.

Apparently the screens will also be of the multi-touch capacitive variety, with TPK Holding Company having been awarded the contract to produce them.

While you may be a bit confused by this news as the Kindle Fire does indeed feature a color display, it is not of the e-ink variety that simulates the same look as printed materials.

Seeing as the Kindle line are still some of the best selling products for Amazon, it isn’t a huge surprise that the company will be releasing new models in time for the holiday shopping season, but if color e-ink is included this time around would be a new twist.

[via DigiTimes]