Easily one of the most beloved features of Amazon's Kindle e-readers is that some models offer access to free, unlimited 3G data. Typically, owners out of reach from a Wi-Fi connection can use the free mobile broadband connection to download books and browse the web without restriction.

However, all good things must come to an end. Amazon has reportedly pulled the plug on its unlimited 3G offerings. Kindle owners are now restricted to just 50MB of data per month for surfing the web, according to a member of the MobileRead forums. Users will still have unlimited 3G access to download books, but the carefree days of browsing the web appear to be over.

It's possible that Amazon decided to change this service due to heavy operation expenses. It's also possible that Amazon may be scaling back this service due to people using hacks that allow them to use their Kindle e-reader as a mobile 3G hotspot for other devices.

It's hard to tell exactly what led to Amazon's decision to cutback on its free 3G services, but 50MB per month should be enough to continue browsing the web lightly.

[via: Gigaom]