If you’re headed to college this fall, Amazon is now offering a way to help you save some cash and reduce the load you carry across campus with Kindle Textbook Rentals.

The service officially launches today, and allows students to save up to 80% off the list price of books by renting them rather than buying them outright. Students can choose to rent a book for just a short period of time, or can opt to have access to it for the entire year. The shortest rental period available is 30 days – which should be enough to let you do some reading or cram for a big test without having to pay for a title during the months you don’t actually need it. Rental times can also be extended if it turns out you need a book a little longer than anticipated.

Amazon is also extending its Whispersync technology so that students can have access to notes they might write in the margins of books after they no longer have access to the book itself.

Kindle Textbooks can be used on the Kindle itself as well as any other device running Kindle’s free application, including iOS, Windows Phone, and Android devices.

Are any of you going to be buying textbooks this school year? Anyone considering renting digital versions instead?