Style Code Live

Amazon is set to launch its first live show tonight, marking a major milestone for streaming services.

At 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific on Monday night, Amazon will launch Style Code Live on its site, a daily chat show for fashion and beauty hosted by Lyndsey Rodrigues (Total Request Live), Rachel Smith (correspondent for Good Morning America) and Frankie Grande (Big Brother 16).

"Our viewers have been asking for fashion and beauty tips," Munira Rahemtulla, head of Style Code Live said. "We wanted to build something for them, so we came up with 'Style Code Live.' We've been working on it for quite a while. We think this is something viewers are really looking for, and we're excited about it."

Currently, the series can be found on the Style Code Live page on Amazon, with no current indications if this will also air on the various devices that support Amazon Video. This information may just not be apparent, but it seems an odd choice for the burgeoning service if it isn't in the plans.

Live shows and daily content have been missing elements in the ongoing fight for dominance in the streaming video industry, and this could put Amazon slightly ahead of Netflix and Hulu in that arena if it's done correctly. On the other hand, if Amazon is viewing this more as a sales tool to sell its fashion and beauty products, it may make sense to keep the viewers on a page where it can place the items mentioned in the show below the video embed.

Whatever the strategy may be with Style Code Live, this is a big step for Amazon, and is sure to be yet another step in the big streaming companies moving towards becoming full-fledged networks in their own right.

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