Office for MacAmazon has been making a big push into downloadable content as late with its MP3 store up and running for ages, and launching an Android App Store back in March.  Now the leading ecommerce retailer is setting its sites on the desktop with the launch of its Mac App Store.

First noticed by The Loop, Amazon has opened up a shop as part of its software section with a selection of over 250 applications for Mac computers that you can download.  Unlike the Mac App Store that Apple has started providing to its users, there is no application to download, there will just be an individual installer for each item you buy.  Your purchases are also stored in your digital download locker provided by the company so that you can download it again if need be.

There are some differences in the offerings between the two App Stores, with the most notable being that Amazon is selling Office for Mac, something Apple has not been putting in its store to date.  There are also some bigger game titles from companies such as EA, and some other assorted programs.

It would seem that Amazon has a target on Apple for the moment.  The launch of its Cloud Player service before speaking with the record labels appears to have been a move to cut off the rumored iCloud music player.  Now coming out with its own store for Mac, you can’t imagine that Apple isn’t going to take notice of these moves.

One has to wonder what the beef is here as Amazon has sold a ton of Apple products over the years between iPods, iPads, iPhones and Macs.  Why are they running the risk of annoying one of their key consumer electronics suppliers?  Do they really think there is that much money to be made from these ventures?  And surely Apple wants to keep them as a retailer as well, so there may be a bit of a stand-off between the two because they need one another, but Amazon is the one playing dangerously, not Apple.

Only time will show off Apple reacts negatively to these moves, but they aren’t exactly known as a company that takes kindly to people playing in their sandbox.

What do you think of Amazon opening its own Mac App Store?

[via The Loop]