Before you head to the campus bookstore to pick up your textbooks for this semester, you might want to pick up Amazon's new Amazon Student app first. The application is designed to help students get the best price possible for their textbooks, by allowing you to sell your books

Amazon (and other sites) obviously already give you the flexibility to buy and sell books for school, the Amazon Student app, however, adds a barcode scanner into the mix, allowing you to scan the back of the books you need and find out how much the purchase would be online, and scan the back of books you have in order to put them up for sale on the site.

Once you scan a book (or anything else) to sell, Amazon will give you an offer price for it. If you like what you see you can accept the offer, and add the item to your trade-in queue. Once you're done adding items you just have to let Amazon know where you'll be sending the goods from, and it will email you a shipping label to make the magic happen for free.

Payments for your items are paid via Amazon credit, which you can then in turn use to buy more textbooks, or download that Ke$ha album you've had your eye on.

I'm personally a huge fan of the idea (and plan on scanning some of my old stuff later this afternoon), while you could definitely do all the same things before – being able to just scan and go is much more appealing.

What do you think? Have any of you downloaded Amazon Student?

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