Plants vs. Zombies has been a obsession favorite game of mine since it was originally released for the iPhone. Although I beat the traditional game pretty early on, I find myself pulling the game out now on my iPad constantly whenever I need to kill a few minutes and still having a lot of fun trying to protect my home for its inevitable zombie invasion.

Amazon has scored exclusive rights for the time being to sell the Android version of the game. The game is the second big Android title Amazon been able to get exclusivity for, the first being Angry Birds Rio during the original launch of the store (you can pick it up here).

While Amazon isn't getting exclusivity for many titles, it is getting exclusive rights to sell some pretty big ones. Big titles will inevitably bring in customers to the store who might have not otherwise visited, and those new customers may like what they see and stick around to make some more purchases.

Do any of you buy Android applications from Amazon? Would your consider hitting the store just to pick up Plants vs. Zombies or another exclusive title?

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