Kindle Fire HDX, Books

Nose deep in a book but have to drive off to work? No problem, just get in the car, open up your Kindle app right where you left off, and switch to the new audiobook mode. Amazon announced brand new integration with Audible on Tuesday that allows you to automatically upgrade your book to support Audible audiobooks.

You'll need to pay a fee, of course, but it's nominal. Normal Kindle books can be upgraded with audible support for as little as 99 cents, Amazon said, which is just a fraction of the cost of an actual audiobook. Bestsellers will set you back at least $3.99 for the upgrade. The hand-off is supposed to be seamless, just tap the Audible button and you'll switch right into audiobook mode.

Amazon also has a tool that should make it easy to find out if your books are supported with Audible integration. It's called Matchmaker ( and it will automatically scan every book in your Kindle library and then alert you of Audible availability. The Kindle App is available on a range of devices, including iOS and Android, so it should work right away.

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