Back in 2017, Amazon unveiled Amazon Key, a service that gave couriers access to your home when delivering packages. Needless to say, giving strangers access to their home made consumers uneasy, so Amazon is now taking a less-intrusive approach.

Announced at CES this week, Amazon Key for Garage is a service that will give couriers access to your garage when delivering packages. Apparently, Amazon feels the garage is less intrusive than allowing someone to open your front door. The new service will allow users to monitor their garage with a camera and receive notifications once a delivery has been made.

According to Amazon’s Rohit Shrivastava, giving couriers access to a homeowner’s garage doesn’t have “the same challenges or emotional concerns.” To participate in the new service, you’ll need a myQ garage door opener, which Amazon couriers can then securely open. So, what Amazon is saying is you’ll need to purchase a separate device to give strangers access to your home.

I understand the approach to Amazon Key, which is to avoid packages from being swiped from a person’s front porch. But providing couriers with access to your home, whether it be the front door or garage, seems like it can create unintended consequences. After all, most home garages are attached to a home, still giving couriers access to a person’s entire home.

Amazon Key for Garage is set to launch sometime between April and June in 37 cities in the US. You can see Key for Garage in action at the source link below, where you can also keep track of updates, including when the service goes live in your area.