Amazon has been busy building up its Alexa service. There was a report this week it might release a Alexa-powered security cam, but that was just the first step. According to Recode, Amazon is also working on new Alexa devices that will offer phone call and intercom functionality that will allow communication between Alexa devices.

The new Alexa devices will pretty much work as intercom systems between other Alexa users. This means you can ask Alexa to send a message to a given person without the need of taking out a phone or typing anything. That sounds pretty cool.

This is meant to address the overall utility of Alexa. It’s cool you can set timers and play music, but aside from that, there’s not much more you can do with the Echo. This new feature might make it more appealing to use on a daily basis. The report also notes a recent study from VoiceLabs that said Amazon’s other move to improve Alexa’s usage—third-party skills (or voice apps)—is being ignored by users. This was supposed to incorporate Alexa more into the daily schedule of its users, but apparently it is not happening.

How will it work?

We don’t know how exactly this will work. Will you have to link your phone or contacts with the device? Or will it function by using an Amazon account much like Apple has done with iMessage and FaceTime communication with Wi-Fi only devices? Many questions remain.