Amazon Jaguar

Amazon is making PC games. The company has been on a tirade of acquiring veteran talent from studios that made games like Left 4 DeadPortalBioShockGears of War and The Last of Us. The talent that roams their halls is pretty incredible, and they're looking to add even more to their rank.

"At Amazon, our goal is to create great PC games." That's how 70 new job postings start on various gaming job boards. It continues with some language that borders on hyperbole.

We believe in ground-breaking games that can redefine the boundaries of player experience and change the way the world sees digital entertainment. Games have the power to connect people at a massive scale, and creating these experiences will produce some of the future's most influential voices in media and art. We seek the best game developers in the world to join our team and become the architects of this vision. Join us, and you'll have the power of Twitch, AWS, and the entire Amazon ecosystem to shape the future of games.

That last bit is pure truth, though. Amazon has Twitch in their pocket, they have a huge pile of established names and AWS (Amazon Web Services, the backbone of a huge portion of the Internet with sites like Reddit, Pinterest, Netflix and tons more) that's capable of supporting just about anything devs come up with.

The job postings point to a wide variety of games, some of the free-to-play ilk. There's a lot of potential talent in play here, so we'll see what Amazon Game Studios puts forward in the coming months and years.