Amazon Instant Video is already pretty great. There’s tons of TV shows and movies available for free with your Amazon Prime subscription and even more available on-demand for just a few extra bucks. Now the streaming video service is getting even better.

Moving forward you’ll be able to save videos to your device for offline viewing. Just tap Download to start saving a movie or TV show. Then when you don’t have a connection, like on an airplane or even a long road trip, you can pull out your device and start watching instantly.

That’s a pretty awesome addition to what’s already a free service thrown in as part of Amazon Prime. It’s also something that none of the company’s competitors, including Netflix and Hulu, have been able to offer so far. YouTube actually offers a somewhat similar feature as part of its Music Key subscription service, but that pretty much limits you to music videos. Clearly Amazon has a pretty big advantage for now.

You can grab the improved app right now for iOS and Android, though of course you’ll need Amazon Prime for it to actually work.