One of the biggest factors in choosing an entertainment streaming service is the size of its catalog of content. So it's disappointing when one of the big players gets caught inflating its numbers.

According to Fast Company, Amazon's pants are on fire when it boasted 17,000 movies and TV shows. Apparently the numbers are exaggerated by a factor of 10, as TV show episodes are counted individually. So a show like Lost doesn't count as one, and not even six (for six seasons), but well over 100. For shows running longer, that could add a few to several hundreds of entries to the mix, just for one series.

So how much content does Amazon actually offer? FC pegs it at 1,745 flicks and 150 TV series.

Before you go Amazon-hatin', the e-retailer's not alone. The report also reveals that Netflix's 60,000 Watch Instantly offerings actually boils down to about 13,000 titles — 9,500 movies and 3,500 television series.

Sort of explains how we browse these inventories, wondering why we can't find something to watch amid these supposedly massive collections, doesn't it?

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