Apparently Amazon is no longer looking at its streaming service as an add-on service if you're making judgements by whom it hires.

Amazon announced on Monday that it was hiring Mike Benson as the head of brand marketing and creative development for Amazon Digital Video. This is interesting as Benson spent 12 years at ABC as the overall head of marketing, advertising and promotional activities for the network's primetime lineup. During his tenure he oversaw the launches of such series as Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Lost and Modern Family.

Benson left ABC in 2010 to pursue other work at Time Warner Global Media Group and marketing firm Hurryback Holdings.

The addition of someone such as Benson to the Amazon digital team says quite a bit about where the company is planning to take the service in the future. With numerous award wins for its original series Transparent, and it appearing like a promotional push is on the way, it's going to become pretty difficult to say that Amazon Instant Video is just an add-on for Prime members and not an actual thriving service on its own merits.

Is it time for Netflix to begin worrying? We'll just have to wait and see what Benson has up his sleeve.