Amazon launched a new section of its online store today designed to take on Etsy and other craft-focused shopping sites. The new Handmade marketplace makes it easy to purchase hand-made products, and offers a few perks to the seller as well.

The landing page for Amazon Handmade offers a mix of interesting crafts along with curated sections like “Handmade Halloween” and a “Featured Artisans” spotlight. Each seller also gets a personal page with extra information and a few photos of their studio and how they work.

Amazon says sellers can list as many products as they want for free, and those listings will never expire. However, the company will take a 12 percent cut from each sale. There’s also a $40 monthly fee if you hit over 40 sales per month, though that won’t apply until August 2016. For now the retail-giant seems focused on attracting as many artisans as possible.

In an interview with The New York Times, Amazon exec Peter Faricy promoted Handmade as a “factory-free zone.” That seems like a direct swipe at Etsy, which recently rolled out a manufacturing program for sellers interested in outsourcing production.

Amazon doesn’t have much to lose with Handmade. If it fails, the company will still own one of the strongest online marketplaces on earth, and if it succeeds that’s just another revenue source for Jeff Bezos and co.