The PlayStation Vita, while a powerful device built with a gorgeous screen and friendly physical controls, is a system without much of a software library. There are strong, fun titles in its ranks, but the vast majority of games consist of launch-grade quality.

However, Gravity Rush is a semi-decent gem that sticks out amidst the pack. This title, developed by Sony's Japanese arm, is a unique foray into open world travel, combat and storytelling. It's not perfect, but it stands out as one of the best games the PS Vita has to offer.

From now until August 6th, if you buy a PS Vita from Amazon, you'll land a copy of Gravity Rush for free.

Oh, you also get a PlayStation Vita Protective Film for free as part of this deal. Which, you know, great.

Remember, this deal is only good until August 6th. If you've been waiting for a decent bundle, now might be a good time to dive in. Or, you could wait until the Assassin's Creed III: Liberation bundle drops.

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