Retail stores are under pressure, but Amazon still looks at the business model and sees an opportunity for growth. It’ll soon introduce an Amazon Go location in New York City.

Amazon will open a new shop inside Brookfield Place, according to Recode.

It sounds like the e-commerce giant wants to join other high-end companies like American Express and Saks Fifth Avenue that are operating in the hub. Known as the World Financial Center until 2014, Brookfield Place hosts offices and stores in Battery Park. Across the street is the World Trade Center where additional businesses operate.

There isn’t anything comment from Amazon yet, but the Seattle-based company did sign a 15-year lease with Brookfield Place last year. Amazon’s set to take 360,000 square feet of office space. So it wouldn’t be surprising for an Amazon Go location to be set up as well.

You’re probably wondering what’s so special about an Amazon Go location. There are only three of them in the United States today, but the technology might insert them in every major city. Amazon Go’s structure relies on cameras and sensors rather than humans. Shoppers pick up and leave with what they want, letting a computer charge for the items upon exiting.

It’s not a selection of technology or clothing products, though. Amazon Go’s positioned as a futuristic convenience store. Here, shoppers are buying entire ready-to-eat meals as well as snacks. Most are located in areas where many businesses are based, and thus Amazon had an easy choice for New York City’s Brookfield Place.

The existing locations are in Seattle and Chicago, three for the former and two for the latter. Amazon also plans on opening two more in the Windy City in early 2019.

4 out of 5

Amazon’s 4-Star locations, meanwhile, are used to sell everyday items. These are physical stores that borrow from the online catalog, so it’s essentially an incredibly organized warehouse. All items are curated to be top-selling or featured by local popularity.

We’ll check out this Amazon Go location shortly after it opens. It doesn’t have a grand opening on the calendar since there hasn’t been an announcement, but Amazon tends to move quickly.