Amazon Coin - Amazon Apps

If you'd like to score $23 in free Amazon Coins, listen up as this is a little bit complicated, but totally worth it.

The first step is make sure you have the Amazon App Store downloaded to your device.

Then you need to download all five of these apps (or just a few if you prefer). All of them are free through May 31, and Amazon will give you 200 Amazon Coins, the equivalent of $2.00, for each one you download as a bonus.

After this you should have 1000 Amazon Coins, which is a nice haul. But don't stop there. Now go purchase the recently released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Fire TV for $6.99 using those newly acquired coins. Amazon is giving away 2,000 coins ($20.00) with the purchase of that game from now until June 11. It is currently compatible with Kindle Fire tablets and Fire TV, so you will need to be one of those devices to download it.

When all is said and done you will walk away with up to $23.01 in Amazon Coin credits depending on if you downloaded all five of those apps. You can then use the coins to purchase whatever apps and games hit your fancy. All told, our time investment was less than five minutes, and that is well worth $23 in our book.

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