Amazon kicked off a sale on Thursday just ahead of Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy S IV. The online retailer is now offering the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II at steep discounts, but the pricing varies depending on your carrier and what device you’re picking up.

Verizon’s Galaxy S III can be purchased for just $0.01 with a new two-year contract. Sprint’s Galaxy S III is still a penny, but the Galaxy Note II is now just $69.99 with a new contract. Meanwhile, Amazon is selling AT&T’s Galaxy Note II for $149.99, down from the original sale price of $199.99, and the Galaxy S III is available for just $49.99.

You may want to hold off on picking one up until Samsung reveals the Galaxy S IV, but if you’re satisfied with the above prices then jump on it.

Galaxy Note II on AT&T

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Galaxy S III on AT&T

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