France wants to ban Amazon's free delivery practices and bundles that offer a deal when multiple books are purchased together, Reuters said in a report Friday. The statement was made by the country's culture minister who thinks Amazon's practices ultimately are unfair for competitors in the country. It seems bizarre, though, since Amazon has built itself to a large enough entity that it's able to offer these deals and free delivery; plus, free delivery is usually only an open for Amazon Prime customers who pay for that perk.

"I'm in favor of ending the possibility of offering both free delivery and a five percent discount," France's culture minister Aurelie Filippetti said during a recent news conference.  "We need a law, so we're going to find a legislative window to introduce one."

French lawmakers have already proposed a tax on Internet connected devices in an effort to boost France's art, music and film industries, and the country recently found that Apple owes $5 million in back taxes on iPad sales in 2011.

Authorities in France said Amazon's practices are unfair because no other bookseller could possibly afford to keep up with Amazon's prices or free delivery options.