If you own an Amazon Fire TV, you might find that you can now order goods right from your television set. The company has reportedly rolled out the new feature, allowing folks to order specific items without ever leaving the company’s streaming service.

GeekWire said it has already used the service to successfully purchase candy, but said that other goods such as the Fitbit Charge were also offered. Amazon might not have a huge storefront right now, but that’s part of the idea moving forward. It’s “the first step in a broader plan by the tech giant to integrate online shopping and product placement into the on-screen television experience,” Geekwire, which learned of Amazon’s future intentions, explained.

Like that jacket you see on The Walking Dead? Why not buy one while you’re at it. Or, maybe you really dig the sunglasses in a movie you’re watching. In the future, you might be able to pause the movie and order the sunglasses before resuming the film.

GeekWire said Amazon hopes to roll out its broader online store, which it compared to QVC, sometime next year. Amazon hasn’t confirmed those intentions, though the seeds are already planted. Hershey’s candy and select other goods are for sale from the home screen now.