Amazon announced on Tuesday that it’s teaming up with television manufacturers that are beginning to load its Fire TV software on new 4K UHD sets.

Before now, consumers needed to plug an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick into a television in order to experience Amazon’s complete software ecosystem. Now, with “Amazon Fire TV Edition TVs” customers will get that experience right out of the box. Amazon said partners such as Seiki, Westinghouse and Element Electronics will be the first to build the Amazon Fire TV Edition sets.

This idea isn’t new. In fact, Roku teams up with plenty of TV firms to load its software onto sets, alleviating the need for a separate Roku box or Roku stick. Given that most smart TV software is pretty awful, it’s usually a breath of fresh air to run into a TV that runs Roku out of the box. Amazon Fire TV Edition products should be just as refreshing.

Amazon Fire TV software benefits

Customers will be able to use their Amazon Fire TV Edition televisions to search for content using Alexa, browse through streaming and over-the-air content (with an HD antenna), rewind or fast forward using voice commands and more. Amazon said consumers with an HD antenna can even use commands such as “Tune to NBC,” which is pretty neat.

Amazon’s partners said the new TVs will be available later this year through Amazon and in retail stores.