At its regular $50 price point, the Amazon Fire tablet is an impressive tablet. It’s not running around guns blazing at the best tablets on the market, but it easily allows you to read books, stream music, play games and watch movies. A majority of the TechnoBuffalo staff owns the device for that reason alone. Now it’s priced even lower.

Amazon’s “Device Deals” page is listing the Amazon Fire for just $39.99, $10 less than its regular price. The sale ends February 13, so you have time to smash a few piggy banks and gather the required cash. That’s not the only device on sale. Amazon also has its Fire 10 listed at $179.99, which is a $50 discount, the Kindle for $59.99, a $20 discount, the Kindle Paperwhite for $99.99, a $20 discount and more.

Take a look at Amazon’s deals below.



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