Amazon Fire Phone in Hand

Amazon announced its Fire Phone on Wednesday, as expected, but the device won’t be available for a few more weeks. According to the company’s site, the device will be available starting on July 25.

You’ll be able to purchase a 32GB version or a 64GB version from AT&T for $199 or $299 with a contract, respectively but you can also buy it unlocked direct from Amazon for $649 and $749, respectively. Pre-orders for all forms of the device are now live, and you’ll be able to receive it the day it comes out by selecting free two-day shipping.

The Fire Phone offers a lot of interesting features, like Firefly for shopping with your camera viewfinder, a unique “3D” perspective user interface, a 13-megapixel camera with OIS, a quad-core processor with Adreno 330 graphics and more. We can’t wait to check it out for ourselves.