Amazon just confirmed that the Fire Phone will offer a 3D effect called Dynamic Perspective. CEO Jeff Bezos demoed the new feature onstage on Wednesday, revealing how it works with your lockscreen, mapping software and more.

The company was clear to note that Dynamic Perspective isn’t the same as “parrallax,” and it’s not the full 3D display some people were predicting going into today’s event. From your lockscreen images appear to offer a lot more detail, and it’s easy to see what’s in the background and what’s upfront. For maps the new feature makes 3D renderings easier to navigate and the app looks more dynamic overall. Dynamic Perspective can also be built into games. In one side-scroller demoed by Amazon you can peek around corners by tilting the Fire Phone.

The new feature works by tracking the position of your head at all times. To do this Amazon added extra cameras to the front of the Fire Phone. Each special camera offers a 120-degree field of view, and they work together to measure depth. Dynamic Perspective only needs two cameras, but the company decided to use four (one in each corner of the phone) so it works even if you’re covering two up with your hands. Each camera also has an infrared light, so it works even in total darkness.

Amazon’s also released a software development kit for Dynamic Perspective so third-party developers can take advantage of the new feature as well.