Amazon has had a downloadable game store for a while now, but since the start it has been a pretty basic shop with just casual games.  Not something that would attract the hardcore computer gamers amongst us.  Well, all of that is changing effective immediately, and to celebrate Amazon is offering up some prices that are hard to ignore.

Thanks to new deals with Atari, EA, Sega and Ubisoft, Amazon has now become a fairly major player in the downloadable game space.  To celebrate, some games are more than 50 percent off through Thanksgiving (although some end today, so you may want to hurry up with your browsing).

Amazon download storeWith the weight the Amazon brand name carries with it, it makes you wonder how services like Steam will be able to compete. The leading online retailer is known to price its competition into surrendering as it recently did with  There is nothing to say that Amazon is cruising to crush any of its competitors in this market quite yet, but we have to consider who we’re talking about here.

If nothing else, considering the prices we’re seeing on the sales page, it’s definitely worth checking out.

What say you?  Will you give Amazon’s expanded downloadable game store a try?