The news broke courtesy of AFTVnews, who was scouring through Amazon servers when it found an image that was hard to decipher due to its minuscule size. But notable leaker Evan Blass got his hands on two full-res version of image that revealing a black and white version confirming it is an Amazon product.

The sub text reads: “Try: ‘Alexa, what’s on my calendar?'” The home display contains a bold clock, weather, calendar outlook and what looks like notification icon with three alerts highlighted. There’s also a page view that hints a six separate pages you can swipe between beside the home screen.

Judging the design of the box display alone, it looks slightly slanted and kind of boring. It just has a display covering the top part while a speaker covers the bottom. But this is the kind of nondescript aesthetic Amazon adopted with the first Echo too, which was just a black (or white) circular obelisk. The new Amazon Echo strongly resembles the now defunct Sony Dash, a similar Internet-connected system released in 2010.

CNET reported last month that an Amazon Echo with touch display was arriving within the next month. This confirms Amazon is working on an Amazon Echo with touch display. The question now is when Amazon will release it.

AFTVnews has found credible images before

We’ll approach the news with a grain of salt, but AFTVnews does have a strong track record. A couple months ago it revealed the first image of the Echo Look. At the time it was reported to be some sort of home security camera and it ended up being a tool to help out with clothing styles.

Updated: The article was updated to include the Evan Blass tweets and images.