Amazon’s Echo has become an invaluable smart home gadget thanks to its many “skills,” and perhaps the best of all is being able to instruct it to play music with a simple phrase. “Alexa, play The War on Drugs on Spotify.”

The only problem? Until now, you had to tell Alexa which service you want to play music from, otherwise, it would default to playing content from Prime Music, which is decent but doesn’t have nearly as many songs as its main competitors. Starting today, however, Echo owners will have the option to set Spotify or Pandora as their default streaming service of choice.

Spotify’s website has instructions detailing how to set its service as the default music player, which you can either do from the Alexa app or online. Once set, you’ll no longer need to specify which service you want your Echo to play music from. It’s not a life-changing feature but it makes the Echo that much more convenient.