Amazon introduced two new Amazon Alexa devices on Thursday, including the Amazon Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap.

The Echo Dot (above) is a much smaller version of the Amazon Echo that can plug into any existing set of speakers. It’s basically just a tiny little puck, almost just the top of the existing Amazon Echo and without any sort of built-in speaker mecanism. You can plug it into speakers or use Bluetooth to turn them into an Alexa-powered device, capable of providing the weather, traffic and so much more. It’s available now for $89.99 for Prime members, and they can only order it using Alexa Voice shopping.

Amazon Tap is a smaller, more portable product that brings Alexa wherever you go. Unlike the Echo Dot, it’s a full-fledged speaker, so you can think of it as the Amazon Echo for everywhere. It can’t just be called up by voice, though. You need to tap it to ask a question or place an order, which makes it a bit more cumbersome than the Echo, which can take commands from across the room. Its built-in battery provides up to 9 hours of playback and it supports Wi-Fi connectivity so you can stream music from online services and more. The Amazon Tap will retail for $129.99 when it’s released on March 31.

Both seem like really cool devices. I’m more attracted to theEcho Dot, which is a bit cheaper and will work with all of my existing speakers. Which one do you prefer?